Rapicon marketing Solutions has established exceptional expertise in multimedia translations over the years. We understand the importance of quality in multimedia translation for the entertainment and media industry. We are top professionals who can meet the growing demand for multimedia translation in multinational companies and government organizations, as they rely heavily on multimedia platforms to educate and inform their target audiences. Rapicon marketing Solutions has established a resolute division passionate to handle all sorts of multimedia translation services, comprising subtitling, dubbing, lip synchronization and voice overs.


Voice-over is similar to dubbing and mainly use in video productions to replace audio content. Documentaries particularly use voice-over, as there is normally a voice in the background describing a scene. Like dubbing or subtitling voice-over services do not require being accurate; however, they need to follow a time sequence. For this, it requires the appropriate equipment and expertise.
At Rapicon marketing Solutions, we have years of experience in providing voice-over services; we work with your organization to confirm the best quality output for your target audience.